Kush Fine Art Gallery


Turned out in silver and gold, strengthened by the shine of the sparkle of precious stones, they received their shape and reached their fullness as Metaphorical Jewelry.


Precious metaphors that gradually acquired one more dimension and transitioned into 3D space.

Vladimir Kush

World-renowned artist Vladimir Kush founded his own genre of art known as "Metaphorical Realism". His own chain of galleries Kush Fine Art display a collection of Original Paintings, Limited Edition Prints, Bronze and Silver Sculptures, Jewelry, Coffee Table Books and a Wearable Art Collection.

The artist's mission is to find a metaphorical "parallel" for every side of real life. The element of unexpectedness will shake up the viewer and awaken his artistic nature. The artist believes that the viewer's insight comes at once. It is not about discovering something new. The artist's role is to stimulate this subconscious process of remembering through his art.

Enter the Kush universe

"See the World in the Mirror of Metaphor"

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