• Product Info

      • Metal:
        • Silver 925
      • Gemstones: 
        • SS Sapphire Blue BGT 44pc 1.596CTW
        • SS Sapphire Blue PRS 8pc 2.34CTW
        • SS Sapphire Blue OVL 2pc 0.52CTW
        • SS Sapphire Blue RND 286pc 1.95CTW
      • Plating:
        • White RHD


      The cosmological arrow of time shows that the time had its zero point, when the Big Bang occurred, and the end – the Big Crunch, when the universe and the time will disappear. However, the painting symbolically represents the changes not in natural history, but in the life of the mankind. An arrow piercing the hourglass is a vivid symbol of rapid acceleration of history in the last hundred years. Time is no longer trickling away like sand through the neck of an hourglass but is swiftly flying forward. On its way it destroys many things we would refer to save - stability of life, confidence in the future, variety of cultures. Thus each of us should remember that all his actions, even small, can have a dramatic impact on the future. We call it the butterfly principle.