• Product Info


    • Material:
      • Silver 925
    • Gemstones:
      • SS Tsavorite garnet RSH 2pc 0.06CTW
      • SS Ruby RSH 4pc 0.04CTW
      • SS Pearl white RSH 1pc 0.54CTW
    • Plating:
      • 18KYG, black rhodium
    • Chain:
      • Silver, plating white rhodium



    In the traditions of the East, including India and China, the elephant is the symbol of Wisdom, kindness, power and strength. His grandness is underlined with the golden crown on his head. His solidity and strength are co connected with the responsiveness which show his anxious ears resembling the trembling butterfly wings.

    People in India believe that the elephants have bright intellect and understand humans.

     Elephant is also the symbol of patience, fidelity and faithfulness. He is the talisman for wearing, particularly in the tradition of Feng Shui, protecting the prosperity and stability at home, extending longevity and guarding the family happiness.

     The ring on his trunk symbolizes his adherence to the Home.