• Product Info


    • Material:
      • Silver 925
    • Gemstones:
      • Diamonds G/SI BR 18pc 0.17CTW
    • Plating:
      • Black rhodium
    • Chain:
      • Silver 925


    Purse is a symbol of wealth and accumulation. But only love is the master key which opens the purse of happiness, we could say paraphrasing the words of a famous American writer. This symbolism corresponds to the color of the purse. Red means love and passion in the first place, although purses are used to have the colors of earth or gold. But we employ red also in cases when we want to emphasize the symbolism of luxury and wealth. In China, red is considered to be the color of happiness and good luck. It is the color of the wedding attire too. The artist infuses into his image a certain irony: greed and excessive accumulation of wealth could lead to the separation of lovers.