• Product Info


    • Material:
      • Silver 925
    • Gemstones:
      • SS Sapphire Orange OVL 3pc 0.559CTW 
      • SS Sapphire Orange RND 53pc 2.336CTW 
    • Plating:
      • 18KYG 5 Mic(sterling silver 925 plated by 18KG with thickness 5 micron)
      • Black Rhodium 



    The necklace depicts the morning of the world. The newly born light illuminates everything around with the slightest of pink tones. It fills every space, forcing every living cell to flutter. Two essences – masculine and feminine – are united in a tiny nutshell. According to Tao religion, this is a union of yang and yin, which represents two opposites. From the force of yang comes the heavenly part of human soul, from the force yin comes its earthly part. The world fits inside a tiny nutshell microcosm, a part of the big world. According to Plato, there exists a mutual link between every person and the universe. The universe, or macrocosm, is a gigantic living organism, and the human, a microcosm, is a miniature universe. A tree is a symbol of the start and continuation of life.