• Product Info


    • Material:
      • Silver 925
    • Gemstone:
      • CS Beryl Golden RND/CAB 2pc 0.42CTW
      • SS Sapphire White RND 5 pc 0.167CTW
    • Plating:
      • 18KYG 3 MI
      • Black rhodium



    The New Moon is here! And the night bird owl, taking up its observation post, is perched on the moon crescent – the doorstep of its house in the hollow of a tree.

    An owl can see in the dark and its quiet night flight accompanied by the shrill hooting sounds creates an image of a sage endowed with the gift of prophecy and possessing some mystic knowledge unavailable to lesser mortals.

    In the ancient classical tradition owl represented wisdom and appeared with the Greek goddess Athena (Roman Minerva). It is also found in the Roman scrolls as an attribute of allegorical figures of Night and Sleep.